Food and Beverage Updates

Use the Warriors + Chase Center Mobile App for all of your food and beverage ordering options.

The Main Points

  • Download the Warriors + Chase Center app for all of your food and beverage options

  • Enjoy your food and drinks in approved areas throughout the arena including the outdoor Esplanade

  • Food and beverages will not be allowed in the bowl

Warriors + Chase Center Mobile App

Download the app for instant access to everything Warriors, Chase Center and Thrive City.

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Through the Warriors + Chase Center app, mobile ordering available locations have been expanded, and now includes bar locations (must present ID) and Chase Center eateries.

Menus for all eateries will be available to view on the app, giving guests an opportunity to review menu offerings and place their order without leaving their seat or congregating in front of eateries.

Chase Center is shifting to contactless transactions at all points of sale, and will accept credit cards, debit cards, and digital methods of payments.

Prepackaged compostable toss-ware and prepackaged condiments will be provided at all eateries; condiment carts will be eliminated.

At eateries and bars, cashiers will be positioned to promote proper social distancing. Line queues will have appropriate stanchions and directional signage to maintain safe distancing.

All dining furniture will be moved to provide adequate physical distancing, both on concourses and in premium spaces.

Self serve food and beverage stations will be eliminated and replaced with either prepackaged meals and drinks or offerings served by staff.

FAQ: Food and Beverage