The Lead-Up to Chase Center: Jonas Brothers

Oct 1, 2019/CHASE CENTER

The Jonas Brothers are reuniting for their latest tour, Happiness Begins, which will be coming to Chase Center on October 8.

Embarking on a massive world tour, this will be the trio’s first unified effort following their 2009 album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. Taking time away due to “creative differences,” Kevin, Nick, and Joe bring a renewed energy to the stage as they share happiness and positivity with fans all over the world. This reunification tour comes off the heels of their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins, a body of work that centers around commitment and unity, themes that are paramount to the Jonas Brothers’ journey.

It’s been quite a year for the trio, with the group’s 2019 single "Sucker" debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This marks the first time in their careers that the Jonas Brothers had a single reach the top spot on the list.

The Happiness Begins tour will feature opening acts Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw, followed by the Jonas Brothers performing an array of smash hits from their catalog, including nostalgic throwbacks and brand new tracks from their latest album, Happiness Begins.

The Jonas Brothers have shared updates from their tour stops in St. Paul, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas.

The Jonas Brothers are currently in the midst of the Happiness Begins tour now, so check out some reviews about the trio’s triumphant return so far:

The Post Athens:
“Between the outfits, the special effects, their levels of talent and the pure joy they exhibited while performing, the Jonas Brothers revival tour reignites a sense of childhood happiness within every audience member.”

Marking “one of the most epic – and nostalgic – comebacks” the Jonas Brothers have reunited after a six-year hiatus. On the Happiness Begins tour, the trio perform a mashup of beloved throwbacks such as ‘S.O.S.,’ ‘Gotta Find You,’ ‘Year 3000,’ ‘Lovebug’ ‘Burnin’ Up,’ and more. As the JoBros unite the crowd in jovial singalongs, the trio also treat the audience to their classic tracks, with the Jonas Brothers taking fan-requested songs during the show, creating a one-of-a kind experience.

The Chicago Tribune:
“As 'Burnin’ Up' and 'Sucker' ended the night’s encore, it was clear that while the brothers have grown up — dancin’ on top of cars and stumblin’ out of bars — the innocence of their music and legacy lives on.”

Over the years, the Jonas Brothers have evolved as individuals and artists, learning to grow with their fan base. While embracing change, the trio have continued the narrative of unity, commitment and positivity; themes that resonate throughout their setlist.

Substream Magazine:
“The Jonas Brothers are here to stay, and we’re all better off because of it.”

Dressed in their bright suits and color-coordinated mic stands, the Jonas Brothers don’t miss a beat as they hit the stage and play an array of their beloved, fan-favorite hits. Since announcing their reunification, the Jonas Brothers have received an overwhelmingly positive response, with some even noting that the group is “back and bigger than ever.” In a night filled with screams, tears and of course, happiness, the JoBros are undoubtedly back.

The Jonas Brothers are on a mission to spread happiness across the globe on their Happiness Begins tour. Before their Chase Center stop on October 8, jam out to some of the JoBros' best tracks here.