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Thrive City Farmers Market on Wheels Recap

Oct 22, 2020/THRIVE CITY

This summer, Thrive City Farmers’ Market, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, inspired the idea of the Thrive City Farmers’ Market on Wheels program: deliver fresh produce to local vulnerable communities that are struggling with the global pandemic.

“The response has been super positive and effective, we’ve noticed that clients are able to spread their food throughout the week, which is what we are happy about. The food is not gone in one day. They are excited about the items that come in, sometimes there is fruit, but there are always fresh vegetables and that is very big for our clients,” said Curry Senior Center Program Manager, Rashaad Bess.

Thrive City’s food vendors, Jacob’s Farm, Bernard Ranch, Clara’s Egg Farm and Ken’s Top Notch have supplied populations that don’t have access to nutritious meals with vegetables, citrus fruits, stone fruit, and eggs. Over the course of the program, the Farmers’ Market on Wheels donated 2,425 grocery totes with an assortment of fresh produce to low income and homeless families, seniors, and individuals at Curry Senior Center and Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation in San Francisco.

“For the last, almost three months, every week, we have delivered food to 100 elderly senior tenants. The fact that our social workers and after school program staff can deliver it to people’s doors means that they don’t need to venture outside, and it’s another way for them to stay safe,” said Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation CEO, Don Falk.

Now that the Thrive City Farmers’ Market has reopened to the public, Thrive City’s favorite vendors are excited to continue selling their locally-sourced offerings of fruits, naturally raised meats, fresh eggs and artisan pastries every Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Thrive City.

Thrive City Farmers’ Market accepts WIC-FMNP coupons for families and seniors and CalFresh-EBT just like cash. To use your CalFresh-EBT benefits, visit the farmers’ market information booth and talk to the Market Manager or helpful volunteer. While you are there, ask about how Market Match can help stretch your food dollars even further. For more information on how Market Match works, click here.

Fast Facts:
• For 11 weeks, the Thrive City on Wheels Van, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, traveled a total of 66 miles (6 miles round trip)
• 800 total bags were donated to Curry Senior Center
• 1,545 total bags were donated to Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

Inside Perspective from Business Owner of Clara's Egg Farm:
“For me, it’s something really beautiful because I am experiencing something new here. To be at Thrive City’s plaza, such an important part of the venue, makes me feel happy.“
“I feel motivated knowing that I am doing something for the community – selling a product that is needed and enjoyed by everyone.“
“I like raising and caring for chickens, my family has grown organic, fresh eggs for years and being able to sell from my chicken farm that are well fed and cared for makes me feel honored to carry on the family tradition. I’m proud of the product I sell."

Health Tips by Kaiser Permanente:
“Kaiser Permanente is proud to partner with the Golden State Warriors on the Thrive City Farmers Market on Wheels initiative,” said Pamela Schwartz, executive director of community health at Kaiser Permanente. “Each day, so many of our neighbors worry about tradeoffs they’ll have to make between food, nutrition and managing other areas of their lives. Pivoting quickly amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure vulnerable seniors receive healthy food safely, and vendors are still able to sell fresh food to maintain part of their income is a real win for the community."

We are committed to helping our Bay Area communities Thrive Together. For your next trip to the Thrive City Farmers’ Market, here are some safety tips to keep in mind while shopping and recipe inspiration for keeping health your top priority.

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