Chase Center 'Honors' Former Warriors Player Tom Tolbert

Jun 17, 2019/CHASE CENTER

He wanted a statue, but got a urinal instead.

Former Warriors player Tom Tolbert took a tour of Chase Center on Thursday. After jokingly asking for a statue in his honor to be on the premises of the soon-to-be Warriors’ new home, Tolbert was instead “honored” with a ceremonial first flush in the venue’s media room restroom.

"Tom, as General Manager of Chase Center, it is my distinct pleasure to dedicate a urinal to you," said Chase Center General Manager Kim Stone. "The sign reads, 'Chase Center, the Tom Tolbert Urinal. Chase Center First Flush, June 17, 2019.'"

"That's my urinal. Fantastic. Look at that!" Tolbert responded. "Oh. It's sticky."

While some might view it as a dig, that wasn’t the case for the good-natured Tolbert. Instead, the longtime Bay Area sports radio host who played three of his seven NBA seasons with the Warriors (1989-92), and former Warriors radio analyst, took the honor in stride.

"I've got to tell you, it's quite an honor. Ever since I was a little kid, I never dreamed of playing in the NBA, that dream was too big for me, but to have my own urinal, wow,” said Tolbert. "The only misgiving I have is that I went to the bathroom right before I came, so I won't be able to dedicate it in the manner that's appropriate for a urinal. So, we're gonna do the best we can."

"Where are we going to put this [plaque]? We want people to see it. When they walk in here, right? I mean, all the greats -- Tim Kawakami, Marcus Thompson, Bruce Jenkins, Scott Ostler -- they're gonna be in here, and when they're taking a whizz they're going to be looking right at me." Tolbert added. "It'd be great if there was a picture. Talk about stage fright. They probably wouldn't be able to go at that point."

"Like a lot of people have said: When you urinate, you think Tom Tolbert. That will never be more true than right here in the media restroom."