Tame Impala's New Album "The Slow Rush" is Here

Feb 14, 2020/CHASE CENTER

The wait is finally over. After five years, Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush is here.

The long break between records was partially due to the band's hectic touring schedule, including a headline gig at Coachella last April. Frontman Kevin Parker meant to release The Slow Rush before the summer music festival, but had a change of heart. “I [had] told myself that all I wanted to do was put out an album, and I didn’t care if it wasn’t as good. I was happy to sacrifice quality for timing,” he told Billboard. “[But] I just knew in my heart that it wasn’t ready.”

Creating the album was a labor of love for Parker. When asked what separated The Slow Rush from past albums, Parker said to Esquire that “The last sort of two or three weeks of making the album was just nonstop. I'd wake up at nine in the morning and go until midnight and then go to sleep. I didn't watch TV. I didn't go out to dinner. I don't think I left my house in LA in about two weeks.” The efforts have definitely paid off now that the album is finally here.

As fans prepare to dive into Tame Impala's latest album, here are some reviews about The Slow Rush.


Parker has more moving parts to balance this time, but he arrives at a deft auteur-pop synergy in which every last decision, down to the assorted cathedral-like reverb effects that lend his voice an otherworldly aura, become as intrinsic to the music as the melodies or the words.

Rolling Stone:

Even when songs wander off into diffuse eddies, or when he crams several distinct micro-movements into the same tune, everything seems obsessively considered, as if he spends more time perfecting the hi-hat clicks than most artists take making their whole record.


There are many reasons for anxiety in this world — mistakes you can’t undo, crises you can’t foresee, the feeling of seconds slipping through your fingers like hourglass sand — but if anything The Slow Rush should alleviate Tame Impala fans’ concerns about Parker losing the plot. No qualifiers necessary: He’s still on track.

Tame Impala is set to bring psychedelic rock sounds to San Francisco when the band makes its Chase Center debut on Friday, March 13. Can’t wait to see Tame Impala live? It’s not too late to get tickets and prepare for a musical experience unlike any other.