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Media Quotes

“In a way, the structure (Chase Center) represents the best of San Francisco, the part of the city that has long made it an attractive tourist destination. The arena is cosmopolitan, chic, modern.” - Andrew Carter, The News and Observer (North Carolina)

“Chase Center's features — expansive premium seating and the surrounding area known as Thrive City, which includes retail space and a future hotel development — are sure to attract the tournament many more times.” - Matt Jones, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

“The latest in culinary innovations? The arena’s Theater Box Culinary experiences which allow fans to enjoy a 5-star dining experience while watching one of the NBA’s best teams. Great food and a great view of the game. It’s the ultimate arena experience.” – Chelsea Davis, Forbes

“The Metallica concert, however, was estimated to draw 16,000 people. So did the Warriors’ gamble on transit work? If the free flowing traffic of Mission Bay revealed anything, the answer is a resounding yes.” – Joe Rodriguez, SF Examiner

“The new home of the Warriors is worth a visit whether or not you’re attending an event — and that approachability should pay long-term dividends, no matter what the upcoming NBA season might bring.” – John King, San Francisco Chronicle

“Equally important, the Warriors’ compound is a genuinely inviting addition to the Mission Bay landscape.” – John King, San Francisco Chronicle

“For natives, like me, the arena is a long time coming. Not because it brings the Warriors back to the city but because we haven’t had a state-of-the-art music venue in San Francisco proper. Chase is going to be a good one. It feels intimate, even for a huge event. The floor size is smaller and more compact than at Oracle. The steep angles give good sight lines and will make the basketball players feel like the crowd is right on top of them. The acoustics were excellent — none of the tinny sound of SAP Center. The “seeing spheres” — the art installation of Olafur Eliasson at one entrance — is already becoming a must-visit spot. I predict photos of visitors reflected back in the huge mirrored spheres will become a defining San Francisco image.” – Ann Killion, San Francisco Chronicle

“I went to a Metallica show on Friday night. I saw Metallica with the San Francisco orchestra in the new Golden State basketball arena which is amazing. Downtown San Francisco. It was unbelievable. I’m so glad I went. It was really something.” – Bill Simmons, The Ringer

“It’s [Chase Center] unlike anything in sports in North America. It’s an entertainment center and the Warriors happen to play there. It’s like the Roman Coliseum for basketball. It’s going to be the greatest thing in sports.” – Michael Wilbon, ESPN

“Everything about this S&M2 concert felt like a big event. First off, of course, was the chance to see the most-buzzed about new venue to open in the Bay Area since the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara in 2014. And the building definitely didn’t disappoint. It proved to be a pretty nice place to see a show, offering up fine acoustics and a number of other selling points (like comfy seats and tasty concessions).” – Jim Harrington, Bay Area News Group

“Getting to the venue also proved to be easier than expected. With a steady flow of bicycles, trains and other forms of mass transit, thousands of people moved in and out of the area with relative ease. If that keeps up — especially when the Giants have a game at Oracle Park down the street — Chase Center could very quickly become a new favorite destination for even the most incredulous locals.” – Aidin Vaziri, SF Chronicle

“The show [Metallica] is surely a triumph for the new arena and executive director Eric Bresler, as opening night, at least to the fans in attendance (including Metallica managers and Q Prime heads Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch), went off without a hitch.” – Ryan Borba, Pollstar

“Chase Center is an impressive building and a testament to what next-level perseverance, strong vision, and a ton of cold, hard cash can build. There’s not a thing functionally wrong with the place. The video screens are informative, plentiful, and downright incredible. The seats are smartly arranged and comfortable. The game-ops were on point, as they were in the Warriors’ prior home. And boy does the place have a ton of bathrooms.” – Dieter Kurtenbach, Bay Area News Group

“Without a doubt, the most striking part of the Chase Center experience is the 9,699 square foot Jumbotron. Pictures and videos don’t do this electronic behemoth justice. Sitting parallel to the Jumbotron’s longer sides will evoke memories of a drive-in. It is, unequivocally, indisputably, indubitably awe-inspiring, a structure that must be seen to be believed.” - Justice Delos Santos, Bay Area News Group

“Inside the arena, food and drink options are plentiful. Ticket holders can look forward to crispy fried chicken sandwiches from Oakland’s beloved Bakesale Betty, clam chowder and lobster rolls from Half Moon Bay’s Sam’s Chowder House and beer-braised chicken tacos from Bay Area favorite Tacolicious.” – Katie Sweeney, Forbes

“When the NBA opens its 2019 season this fall, the world’s eyes will be on the Golden State Warriors and its Chase Center in Mission Bay, a state-of-the-art facility seven years in the making. We suggest you have a Swedish Mula in hand. The cocktail, a refreshing sipper of Absolut Elyx Vodka, housemade strawberry syrup, fresh ginger and mint, is the type of farm-to-glass creation you can enjoy at the 18,064-seat arena.” – Jessica Yadegaran, Bay Area News Group

“The Warriors’ new 18,064-seat crown jewel is almost ready to start serving up basketball, concerts, and food from a highly-curated selection of local food vendors. When it opens in September, it will be San Francisco’s first arena of its kind to serve food made from scratch on the premises. Unlike most arenas and stadiums that use a central commissary to prepare food and then serve them from warming boxes, they’re cooking from scratch in 37 concession stands with micro-kitchens, plus eight full kitchens.” – Ellen Fort, SF Eater

“Don’t expect to dine on pedestrian stadium-style eats at San Francisco’s new $1.6 billion Chase Center, built on 10-plus acres in Mission Bay. Home court for the Golden State Warriors, the arena seats 18,500 and has 37 outlets to serve patrons freshly cooked and seasonal items along with craft brews, intricate cocktails and California wines.” – Kathy Mcdonald, Variety Magazine

“If New York has the Madison Square Garden and London the O2 Arena, the Golden State Warriors promise to be at the level of the best arenas in the world with the Chase Center, which was officially inaugurated on September 3.” – El Medio Tiempo (Mexico)

“We were challenged by a client who wanted the best and understands quality. An arena like this has never been done before — the Warriors pushed the boundaries of the new. Sports arena or concert hall, the Warriors did it first class. This space, every nook and cranny, is magic. And people attending Chase arena events will enjoy an experience as rich as any at the Symphony or Opera House.” – Art Gensler (Gensler Architecture)

Player/Coach Quotes

“Probably the best arena in the world. Everything about this place is insanely positive. It is an incredible, state-of-the-art building in an incredible city." – Eric Musselman, Head Coach Arkansas Razorbacks

“It's a great arena, it's really nice ... having everything here. Being able to go back there and go in the cold tub, getting some steam room time if you want to, getting a lift in, having a great weight room, just everything being right here is really nice for us." – Draymond Green

“It's beautiful. It's got a lot of potential to create an amazing environment, amazing home court advantage. Excited about the possibilities. We have all the bells and whistles we need to get ready for games.” – Stephen Curry

“This is a place where the building is wild. People that didn't think that the downtown crowd was going to be as wild as the Oakland crowd, I don't see a difference. They're into it.” - Rick Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks Head Coach

“I just think the people who built this building got it right. This is just a beautiful building. I think it was really wise not to build it too big. What is it eighteen thousand? I think it’s perfect. It’s easy to get into. From a coaches perspective my space is beautiful, I feel very comfortable there. The amenities are off the charts but I always look at a place like how does it feel like to play in it and it looks like this building is built for basketball, where some of our buildings are built for multi-purpose which we all know hockey’s important and other sports, whether its arena football or indoor soccer, whatever it is. People are close to the floor, I don’t think there’s a bad seat in there, the boxes look perfect to me. I heard there’s a box with a tree in it, is that true? A guy has a tree in his box so that’s pretty cool. I give them a lot of credit, it’s hard to build a building, I’m sure there’s some things on their list they could have done differently like when you build a house, but what a beautiful place.” – Jim Boylen, former Chicago Bulls Head Coach

Artist Testimonials

“Thank you San Francisco for a fabulous night — one of the best shows of the tour and a personal highlight playing @ChaseCenter in front of my home crowd.” – Loren Gold, keyboardist for The Who

“How f---ing cool is this? We have a new, world-class arena in our back yard. F--- yeah. I just want to thank Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and the rest of the Warriors organization, including Eric Bresler and Jennifer [Cabalquinto, Golden State Warriors CFO], who are the real reason we’re here. Thank you for inviting us to your San Francisco and Bay Area celebration party. There’s no other place on the planet Metallica would rather be right now than with you.” – Lars Ulrich, Metallica

“We got to talking before the show today [and] I realized I’ve never properly played the city of San Francisco in my entire career.” – Eric Church

"From the outside you look at it and your like, what is in there? Its got to be amazing, and that's exactly what it is. Its state of the art, its everything you plan for in the future and then it happens. Anyone else that's trying to build an arena, you have to copy this blue-print." – Jo Koy

“Our new home, the spectacular Chase Center, brings joy, a sense of belonging and it makes you feel that you are in the center of the world. We look forward to our next concert there.” – Carlos Santana

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