Chase Center Enhancements

We’ve got you and are taking every step to ensure your safety.

The Main Points

  • Chase Center is a new, world-class arena, equipped with a premium ventilation infrastructure

  • The arena has the capability to complete four air exchanges per hour, bringing in 100% outside air four times throughout the hour to ensure the cleanest air possible

  • Chase Center’s current MERV filter rating is 15, which exceeds the NBA and CDC recommendation of MERV13 filter ratings

  • Chase Center is a GBAC Accredited facility, awarded to arenas adhering to the most stringent cleaning, disinfecting and disease mitigation protocols

  • The Chase Center Clean Team, sponsored by Clorox, will focus on increased cleaning and sanitizing in all public spaces with the use of Clorox disinfecting products and electrostatic sprayers


Chase Center was one of the first major sports and entertainment venues to receive the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s GBAC Star facility accreditation which validates that we are following the most stringent cleaning, disinfecting and disease mitigation protocols in the cleaning industry.

The Warriors were the first NBA team to create a dedicated Health and Hygiene department to quickly and thoroughly address the changing nature of our industry.

Chase Center uses cleaning products that are registered on EPA List N (Approved for use against SARS CoV 2).

Frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces with an emphasis on frequent contact surfaces.

Plexiglass barriers are installed in all high traffic guest-facing areas.

Additional staff will be scheduled before all Chase Center events to focus on final disinfecting of public facing areas.


The COVID-related minimum recommendation for central air filtration is a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 13. The Chase Center current MERV filter rating is 15 (scale goes from 1 to 16); which exceeds the NBA and CDC recommendation of MERV13 filter ratings.

The State of California recommends four air exchanges an hour for indoor spaces. Chase Center can achieve up to four air exchanges per hour and will often times exceed the minimum requirements throughout the arena.

Chase Center has the capability to use 100 percent outside air which is the cleanest possible air.

Being a newly built arena, Chase Center already has the newest ventilation infrastructure in place that allows us to do all of the above.

Chase Center will also have portable HEPA filters (MERV rating of >16) on hand for rapid deployment as needed. Portable HEPA filters provide hospital grade air purification.