Dumpling Time Brings Unique Flavors to Thrive City

Monday October 26, 2020

Dumpling Time features a special approach Asian cuisine and was the first restaurant to open at Thrive City. As the Warriors, Chase Center and Thrive City celebrate the Lunar New Year, we sat down with Dumpling Time’s Head Chef Leo Leong and Catering and Event Manager Anna Lo.

What is the concept behind Dumpling Time?
“The Dumpling Time owners decided to expand their passion in the food industry to opening up an Asian Fusion restaurant. The owners are from Xi’an, China and realized how famous Dumplings are in the city and decided to expand their most popular business.

“All over the streets of Xi’an they are always selling dumplings in the mornings, the middle of the day, at night as a midnight snack, they always have dumplings on the streets. They are so easy to make and the ingredients are so simple, low cost ingredients. Xi’an people can have it every day, they sell it on the streets and people have been loving it since then. The owner of Dumpling Time, had the concept of serving local Xi’an style of dumplings at Dumpling Time.”

What is the background behind the Berkshire Pork Ribs recipe?
“The pork ribs are not originally from Xi’an, they are originally from Hong Kong. The ingredients of the ribs include:

• 10 lbs Pork Ribs
• Salt 1 oz
• Sugar 7 oz
• Chicken powder 1 oz
• Char-siu sauce (or your favorite bbq sauce) 7 oz
• Fu-Chung Fermented bean curd sauce 2 oz
• Oyster sauce 1 oz
• Hoisin sauce 1 oz
• Chinese cooking wine 1 oz
• Chinese five spice 2 tsp
• Ground garlic 2 oz
• Ground ginger 2 oz
• Diced onion 2 oz.

"The most important thing is how you cook them and how well you know the ingredients. It is all about experience and the love you have with the food. Ingredients are the same but most of the technique comes from the passion in making the food."

“At Dumping Time, we prioritize execution. We cook the ribs and we cut the ribs into four pieces per order, and we put honey on top of the ribs and throw it into the oven for about 10-15 minutes. The execution is easy but the way to prepare it, we need two days. We combine all the ingredients together and then marinate the ribs for about two days and then we slow cook the ribs for two hours in a 250-degree oven.”

What is your favorite item on the menu?

“The Chili Pork dumplings, originally from Xi’an, is what I love to cook and is the owner’s modern recipe. This recipe has lasted for two and a half years, Chili Pork dumplings is one of my favorite items on the menu. It’s so easy to cook, all it is, is flour and water to roll and cut the dough. Then, stuff the dough with pork and add chili sauce on top. It’s so good and easy to make.”

What is the most popular dish ordered at Dumpling Time?

“The Shrimp & Pork Siu Mai. It is shrimp and pork combined. We sell about 1,000 pieces a day and on a good day we sell about 1,500 pieces.”

What are your thoughts on the Warriors celebrating the Lunar New Year?

“It’s awesome that the Warriors are celebrating different cultures. The fact that Dumpling Time is at Thrive City, it feels great that the Warriors are always including us and spreading the word especially during these tough times. Thank you to the Warriors for helping us celebrate Chinese New Year.”

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Warriors vs. Jazz

The Warriors host the Jazz in their regular season finale.


Live Music Lunch Series


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